End of the Year Site Tune-up Checklist

It’s a good idea to take an in-depth look at your web initiative annually, even if you are posting and adjusting every day during the year.

There are issues in both the technical and marketing realms that could benefit from an annual review.

Marketing Considerations:

Discuss and define shifts in your target market.
Discuss and define shifts in your supply and distribution chains.

Assess site messaging with regard to possible shifts.

Assess site functional flow looking for possible improvements

Re-visit the compelling offer situation and update as needed.

Re- assess social media integration to keep it clean and focused

Move forward with design revisions in the final calendar quarter to have all your promotional strategies aligned as you enter the new year.

Technical Considerations

Check your domain name record at the registrar- keep all contacts current, extend your registration to be a minimum of 3 years out.

Have your site code checked out to make sure you are running as up to date as possible

Have your site images checked for download efficiency.

Have everyone update to very strong passwords:
This varies from system to system but a decent rule of thumb is, at least 8 characters with at least 3 numbers and no dictionary words or names. You may want to be stronger than that, but don’t be any weaker.

Make sure the whole updating team communicates about software and processes to be implemented across both the site/blog and social media properties. If you don’t already use a posting tool, like Buffer or Hootsuite, now is the time to evaluate and consider that.

Discuss the availability of the site in the last year and honestly assess whether you need to consider a different hosting environment. Very few want to have this discussion or even consider migrating everyone on the team to a new server, which is understandable, but now is the time to look at that possibility.

Was email always up? Did it function as expected?
Did the site respond when you needed it to?
Did pages always load quickly and forms work as needed?
Site feedback?

If you decide to go to a new hosting environment, which will mean some downtime for the site and email, the end of the year is as good a time as any to get that done. Downtime can be minimal if the process is done professionally.

End of the year adjustments to either marketing or technical issues at the site will often have minimal impact on your communication flow with your clients while allowing you to take a fresh run at the marketplace with the start of the new year.

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