Website Design and SEO

Website design and SEO (search engine optimization) should go hand in hand. Your website design has to honor your brand and serve your ideal client first.

It’s a form follows function situation that should be dictated by your business model, not just what keywords you want to get found for in your SEO campaign.

The look and feel of your website design is defined by who you are and who you serve, but with a keen awareness of how your ideal target market prospect searches for you. It’s about balance. Neither part happens in a vacuum, they happen together.

We understand how to weave web site design and SEO together. We know that while the words on your page are fundamental to your SEO strategy, they are only one component. There are a number of other factors, like your social media properties, how you are hosted, and publicity considerations, that come in to play when you are attempting to build a search-friendly site.

Your website design should be an integrated part of your marketing mix that speaks to and serves both your current clients and ideal prospects.

Whether you are building a new site or updating an existing design, contact us if you’d like to end up with a search optimized web initiative, quickly, efficiently, and painlessly.

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