We’ve spent a good amount of energy, especially in the last year, defining the specific tactics to employ within a press release to get the most promotional punch possible from an SEO perspective.

While it certainly helps that we learned about press releases over 30 years ago, it’s obviously a very different time now, and that means new opportunities to harness.

There are some similarities between how press releases should be handled now and how site design has evolved from its infancy in the 90’s.

History of SEO and Press Releases

We noticed many of our competitors simply stuffing keywords into their sites in an attempt to appeal to search engines, without regard for the human beings who would be showing up. We rolled with the punches back in the 90’s and attempted some of the same ploys. It didn’t take us long to realize that the site had to offer a quality experience for the people who showed up. There is a similar dynamic playing out now with press releases and we are happy to say we are again ahead of this game.

While press releases have real value for your linkage and citations if done in the right way, they still have to appeal to human beings. Both the readers and the distributors have to like what they see. Your press releases have to contain a valid, compelling message and they have to be written to adhere to AP style rules.

You need someone on your side who gets both sides of this equation.

When searching for the right provider to team up with, ask these questions:

1. Can you show us some examples of press releases that you have done and explain the strategy and the goal?

2. Can you tell us a little about your distribution?

3. Can you tell us about the linkage and the imagery in the release?

4. Can you tell us how many “pickups” we can expect and how many links to our site we can expect?

If you need some detail around this conversation, contact TKC via phone, email, tweet, skype or whatever particular communication method floats your boat. We even do chats over coffee. We’re old school that way.

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