Does website speed matter?

The speed at which your site loads used to be really important for one simple reason: visitors would leave if your site took too long to load.

When websites ruled!

When we first started designing sites in 1996, there were no social media properties and there was no Google. Yahoo, AOLSearch, and Infoseek ruled the search landscape. Your site was the only...

To Site or Not to Site

Trying to figure out whether or not you actually need your website to be a part of that growing list of promotional strategies?

Social media is a no-brainer for most business models now but that comes with a new workload and as that workload increases so does the overhead. It's only natural to look for ways to contain that situation.

Sitting down to evaluate the promotional mix is generally when the website g...

Welcome to the Gutenberg Editor TKC

Of Mountains & Printing Presses

The goal of this new editor is to make adding rich content to WordPress simple and enjoyable. This whole post is composed of pieces of content—somewhat similar to LEGO bricks—that you can move around and intera...

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