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Tim Krueger is president of Tim Krueger Consulting. The company offers consultation for small businesses in the area of marketing and branding with a focus on social media integration, sales facilitation and process improvement.

Krueger listens to business owners as they describe their business model and looks to help them build a robust set of promotional strategies to serve that model, while also looking for any opportunities for process improvement. Krueger has exp...

Over-Delivery at TKC

  • In the sea of cliches that we in the productivity consulting space swim in, it can be tricky to pick the best ones to focus on and work with.
  • Over-Delivery deserves to be one of those.
  • Yes, it's simple. Do more than expected. Be the kid who gets extra credit. Go the extra mile (describing a cliche with a cliche).
  • But when you really do it, consistently, this one tactic will set you apart from the crowd in a way that will lock your clients in with you.
Here are two key considerations to d...

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