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Is a position in either the 3 pack at Google or the 5 pack at Bing really valuable?

While the answer might appear obvious, it really depends on how your site engages those specially invited visitors. And that includes not only the user experience that you’ve designed but also the speed at which your site loads.

A poorly designed site that is slow to load will not benefit from a position in the 5-pack. Both Google and Bing are pretty good at spotting those kinds of sites and since they are both trying to serve up the best results possible, bad sites rarely make it into this valuable search real estate.

The snippet below shows our client sitting atop the Bing 5-pack in the surprisingly competitive space for Chicago court reporters.

What makes this position valuable for this particular client is a simple and fast loading site that is fully secured and shares powerful testimonials along with a secure ordering module. The responsive nature of the site ensures that those all-important mobile users get a premium experience as well.

We have a very specific tactic that we use to put well-made local sites into this valuable space that sits atop the search results in a unique display box.

It involves press releases written and linked in a special manner and widely distributed via these partners:

Associated Press

Lexus Nexis

Press Association

Comtex News Network

Pro Quest

Market Watch


Thomson West


We’ve been working on the details of this tactic, after having written press releases for over 30 years, and have arrived at a process that we can implement for any local business with a well-made site that is secured and hosted on a fast server.

If your site design needs updating, we can help with that. If you need a new, full-service web host, we can also help with that.

Reach out to us for a free initial consultation to determine if there is a fit between our organizations at and make sure to ask about our guarantee.



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