• In the sea of cliches that we in the productivity consulting space swim in, it can be tricky to pick the best ones to focus on and work with.
  • Over-Delivery deserves to be one of those.
  • Yes, it’s simple. Do more than expected. Be the kid who gets extra credit. Go the extra mile (describing a cliche with a cliche).
  • But when you really do it, consistently, this one tactic will set you apart from the crowd in a way that will lock your clients in with you.

Here are two key considerations to do this in the most effective way.

  1. Do it by your own design, not by client-dictated “scope creep”.
  2. Decide what value-added items you can reasonably deliver. Have a short menu of these to choose from so you can select specific deliverables for certain situations.

    Example: one of the services we provide is web hosting. within that resides email hosting and within that resides auto responders, vacation messages, forwarding, expanded capacity, aliases, and spam and virus protection, among other services.

    A few of these have come to be viewed as a commodity by some, but that’s not how we see them. Each one is important to get right and takes an effort to stay on top of. So we name them and put a value on each, and in appropriate cases, we will provide some of them as value added items.

    The “scope creep” part is a separate issue wherein a client asks for more from you than you originally agreed to provide, and being the super person that you are, you oblige. Some clients will do this enough times where it eventually expands the scope of the project significantly. That’s fine if you’ve named and assigned a value to each item along the way. Not fine if you haven’t. As the scope creeps up, be sure to name it, and decide what you will provide as over-delivery pieces.

  3. Set the table appropriately

The more precisely you define what it is that you provide, the better position you’ll be in to over-deliver. Both in terms of timelines and deliverables, set the table in your favor to over deliver.

If you know you can deliver a website design in 1 week, give yourself a cushion. Promise delivery within 10 days and then deliver it in 7. You just over-delivered by virtue of the timeline that you defined. The client now sees you as someone who does things faster than promised, a rarity in today’s business world.

If there are valuable items that are easy for you to provide, keep them in your over-delivery arsenal, and use them wisely. Don’t give away the shop just because you know it’s easy for you to do. Make sure you’ve communicated the value of these items when you provide them, and pile on with value-added offerings of your choosing.

Master over-delivery and create a rock solid client base that is not vulnerable to pilfering by your competitors.

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TKC Internet Marketing at TKConsults.net

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