SEO (search engine optimization) has become a competitive space with a wide variety of offerings and price points. Along with that comes aggressive sales tactics that are designed to get you to make quick decisions and ideally, to commit to long-term contracts.

What you need in this space is a provider who will take a partnering approach with you. You need an SEO provider who will take the time to get to know your business model and any changes that you see coming with that model in the near future.

A solid SEO plan starts with your provider listening to you talk about how you currently do business, and how you’d like that to shift in the near term, if at all. At the conclusion of this conversation, your SEO provider should have a solid grasp on who your ideal target market site visitor is, what they need most from you, and how you can best serve them, quickly and easily.

While it’s important to define what your most meaningful keyword combinations are, that’s just one part of the puzzle.

The next part is to design a site experience that serves those specially invited visitors who show up after having typed keywords associated with your offerings. These people are incredibly valuable to your business, but only if your site interacts with them in the best possible way.

To further complicate things, the way your social media profiles are handled is critical to your positioning, as is your “link profile”. With regard to that link profile, there are a number of very labor intense ways of building quality links to your site.

TKC Press Releases for SEO
TKC Press Releases for SEO

Or you could hire us to roll out a series of press releases for you, each of which will have multiple links to your site. Our Associated Press distribution will get you between 200 and 350 pickups by high-value news sources for each release, which means up to 1000 links or more each time a new release goes out.

True SEO, which we started providing in 1996, requires a partner who knows both your current business model and where you’d like it to evolve in the long term. Then it requires a site experience that moves those special visitors to take a specific action of your choosing.

We take the time to get to know each of our clients so we can provide top notch SEO results for them by crafting a custom campaign.

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