It might sound cool to be invisible, but not for your web initiative.

Being able to disappear could be really popular at a Holiday party. Go ahead, pull a Houdini, people will love it. You’ll be the life of the party (as long as you can reappear at will).

But clinging to that old website design that’s not fully “responsive” will make your site invisible in Google searches after January 10th, 2017, and that’s not as cool.

According to Google:

To improve the mobile search experience, after January 10, 2017, pages where content is not easily accessible to a user on the transition from the mobile search results may not rank as highly”.

Google says 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and 40% visit a competitor’s site instead.

If you have a site for any reason, it needs to be mobile-friendly. Sites that are not mobile-friendly will be very hard to find in search and more importantly, almost 2/3 of the people who do find them will immediately leave and never return. 40% of those who run away will go straight to a competitor’s site.

Let TKC remedy this situation for you with a fully responsive site design that looks and functions great on any device. We can take your existing site design and make it fully responsive or make a new, mobile-friendly design from the ground up.

We provide App design as well. Some statistics show that up to 90% of mobile users spend more time on Apps than on websites. Does this mean that websites are going away in favor of Apps?

In our opinion, absolutely not. To the contrary, there is an opportunity to make your site stand out from the rest with a truly optimized mobile experience. Having an App as an option is probably the best way to go, but replacing your site with an App is not a good idea for most business models. Reach out to us at TKC in Pittsburgh for our explanation around this.

Go into 2017 with your online strategies and tactics aligned for success. Let TKC be your guide along the way.

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