Fundamental SEO makes for happy clients

We got one of those great emails today. The kind from a client who is so happy they take time to sit and compose the nice note below.

At it’s simplest, SEO is really just getting found by the right people and engaging them in the right way.

The note below is from one of the group we call “specially invited guests”. People who are actively engaged in a search for your offerings and who then come across your site. But that group will only have value to you if you give them what they need, quickly.

For many business models, searchers just need to know you are who you are, you have what they need, and that they can quickly evaluate you and get what they need from you.

There are many paths one can take to good search positions, some of them complicated and costly, but those positions are only as valuable as the site experience offered.

We love not only getting our clients found but then making sure their site engages those visitors. Organic SEO becomes a viable promotional strategy if that approach is taken. And that makes for happy client emails like this one:

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We received a job today from Florida, and when I asked where they got our name, see the response below!
-----Original Message-----
To: Robin Chimniak <>
Subject: RE: Your Confirmation
Thank you, Robin.  We heard about you through Google - you were close to the location and had great reviews, so that made you an easy choice.

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