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Why should you care about optimizing your site for Google (and Bing)?

Simply put, the searchers who find your site on Google have already made the decision to buy or to investigate your product as a part of their buying process.

Compare that to a Facebook ad (which I’ve had great results with) which is hoping to catch a person in buying mode. While it’s great that you can target those Facebook folks in any number of valuable ways, you don’t know that they are in buying mode, only that they are likely to be in your target market.

Conversely, the person who shows up at your site from a Google search has just typed in the name of your product in a search because they need it.

Pretty simple distinction, right?

So why doesn’t everyone do it?

One of two reasons. 1: They don’t know how, or 2: It’s too much work

The truth is that there are many moving parts to a well optimized site and the landscape is constantly changing. It really takes someone who lives in this space to stay current with all the details.

The other truth is that when you take the time to do this right, the flow of targeted searchers who show up at your site represent the fruits of the most effective and efficient promotional strategy that a local business can employ.

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