Press releases for small business SEO benefit by TKC
Press releases for small business SEO benefit by TKC




Press releases are one of the most misunderstood tactics used in the SEO space.

They may seem dated in this age of lightning-fast tweets and custom news feeds. They may seem like they are only for “national” players. They may seem difficult and expensive to do right.

Or you may think that your local business doesn’t have anything newsworthy to share.

If any of these thoughts sound like you, it’s time to re-visit the press release concept as it applies to promoting your business. Whether you are a local realtor, a handyman, a court reporter, a craft beer aficionado, or any number of other local businesses, a well-crafted and professionally distributed press release will help you in two big ways:

  1. Good publicity
  2. Great site linkage

While press releases were less accessible to small business as recently as a decade ago, that situation has changed with the emergence of new players on the distribution side. That shift means that press releases are now something that all small businesses need to consider.

Does site linkage really still matter with your SEO?


It’s a critical component in the analysis of your site’s popularity. Each release we write and distribute on behalf of our clients creates upwards of 500 new links from high authority news sites, literally overnight.

Our press release process insulates you from the challenges of content creation and professional distribution. Contact us if you have any questions about how a well-crafted group of press releases can bring big benefit to your small business.

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