Power to the People WiFi from TKC

Free wifi signs are everywhere.

Power to the People WiFi from TKC
Power to the People WiFi from TKC

Coffee shops, health clubs, restaurants, and pretty much anywhere people congregate, free wifi can be found.

While it’s become a given for many small businesses to offer, too many provide it without getting anything in return.

Security Concerns

Add on to that the security hassles,  the need to update passwords regularly, and the challenges involved with maintaining the legally required DNS filtering, and this little service add-on can become a liability.

Managed WiFi Solution

Turn that liability into a major asset with TKC’s Power to the People WiFi and enjoy these features:

  • Eliminate passwords as your guests can now log in using one of several social media accounts.
  • Let our proprietary firmware handle the security considerations
  • Feature a branded landing page with multiple options at your fingertips.
  • Know who is on your network with real-time access information
  • Know exactly how and when each of your guests’ visits
  • Offer targeted, customized coupons to engage your guests
  • Follow up with guests via email or SMS further increasing engagement
  • Easily lock out anyone at your discretion.
  • Let TKC handle the technicalities
  • Count on TKC to share marketing tactics and strategies

Currently being offered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Chicago, and Pittsburgh, we are looking to expand our installation base quickly.

Reach out to TKC and mention this post for a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL for qualified businesses in Chicago, Grand Rapids, or Pittsburgh.

wifi@tkconsults.net or call us at 412-427-6407


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