January Press Release Special by TKC

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Lock in a Special Press Release Rate for 2017 

January only. Our 4 pack is...

You Need a Partner in the SEO Space

SEO (search engine optimization) has become a competitive space with a wide variety of offerings and price points. Along with that comes aggressive sales tactics that are designed to get you to make quick decisions and ideally, to commit to long-term contracts. What you need in this space is a provider who will take a partnering approach with you. You need an SEO provider who will take the time to get to know your business model and any changes that you see coming with that model in the near future. A solid SEO plan starts with your provider listening...

Annual website tune-up checklist

End of the Year Site Tune-up Checklist It's a good idea to take an in-depth look at your web initiative annually, even if you are posting and adjusting every day during the year. There are issues in both the technical and marketing realms that could benefit from an annual review. Marketing Considerations: Discuss and define shifts in your target market. Discuss and define shifts in your supply and distribution chains. Assess site messaging with regard to possible shifts. Assess site functional flow looking ...

Press Releases for SEO

We've spent a good amount of energy, especially in the last year, defining the specific tactics to employ within a press release to get the most promotional punch possible from an SEO perspective. While it certainly helps that we learned about press releases over 30 years ago, it's obviously a very different time now, and that means new opportunities to harness. There are some similarities between how press releases should be handled now and how site design has evolved from its infancy in the 90's. History of SEO and Press Releases We noticed ma...

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